The Importance of Routine Maintenance on Your Truck With a Liftgate

The Importance of Routine Maintenance on Your Truck With a Liftgate

Probably the most innovative invention for the trucking industry since the reefer by Frederick McKinley Jones in the 1940’s, is the liftgate. The liftgate is an essential part of just about every trucking company whether you are transporting dry goods or perishable items. There are different types of liftgates, some area hydraulic and others are a mechanical system. Regardless they are both used to lower and unload large objects safely. Some systems can even support thousands of pounds.

Benefits to Owning a Truck With a Liftgate

Safety – Manually lifting objects over 100 lbs can pose a serious threat toward your delivery employees. From straining their backs to dropping large objects on their toes and feet, employees can incur serious injuries without having a liftgate system installed on your box truck or trailer. Never forget if an employee is injured on the job, you could be held liable if it’s determined the employer was negligent in their duty to keep their employees safe at work

Protect Your Deliveries – Protecting employees either making deliveries or dock employees receiving shipments is of upmost importance, but the products you are delivering also require protection. Without the proper lifting and transportation tools in place, your goods could become compromised. When a driver uses a liftgate system, the chances of dropping or otherwise damaging the delivery are minimized. As a result, you’ll keep customers happy and boost your loss prevention efforts.
Cost Savings – Trucking companies who don’t have a liftgate installed on their truck require minimum a team of 2 or maybe even three people to unload heavy deliveries. With a liftgate, only 1 employee can handle the entire delivery. By saving the number of people per delivery, you could actually invest in expanding your fleet and dispatch more single drivers making deliveries. This will increase your efficiency, your productivity and overall accomplish more in the long run.

Proper Maintenance of Your Liftgate Can Have a Positive Impact

Getting a liftgate installed on your truck is only the beginning. It is very important to routinely maintain and inspect your liftgate for efficiency and safety. Companies like Sonsray Fleet Services, who have a trailer repair division also have the capability for liftgate service. Routine maintenance is essential in maximizing the useful years of a liftgate and in providing safe operation to those that rely on this equipment. Besides ensuring that the liftgate is operating as intended, periodic maintenance is an opportunity for a technician to confirm that all critical components are lubricated, check that all fluid levels are correct and address any minor issues that are discovered before they become anything of great significance.

Sonsray Fleet Services has been known for years as the largest Thermo King distributor on the West Coast. However, they do more than install and repair reefers. Whether you own a delivery van, a reefer trailer, a dry-van or even a flatbed, SFS is your one-stop shop for preventive maintenance on your vehicle. From the reefer, to the APU, the wheels, frame, box, ABS brakes, liftgate service, electrical, etc and many more aftermarket products that Sonsray Fleet Services offers to install, service and repair. So the next time you’re looking for a lift gate service near you, call Sonsray Fleet Services.

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