Lift gate maintenance is critical.

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The lift gate is an essential piece of equipment in the cargo management and supply chain industry. It is a fold away metal platform that is mounted at the rear end of a freight truck, box truck or step van. When it is extended out from below the truck, it assumes the role of a platform that lifts cargo from ground level up to the level of the truck bed. This enables the freight carrier to move palletized cargo from the trailer down to the ground with minimal effort using the lift gate.

The lift gate is especially useful when the cargo being transported is too heavy to load by hand. When you install a lift gate on your trucks some of the benefits include:

An increase in the speed and safety of loading operations to and from trucks and trailers

An increase in efficiency fleet wide

Giving trucks and trailers the flexibility to load and unload at dock and ground levels

A reduction in worker injury due to heavy lifting.

A decrease in damage to cargo

Truck lift gate installation is arguably one of the most valuable innovations in the logistics industry. It improves the speed, productivity and safety of your operations. As an operator of a cargo handling and delivery business, it is imperative for you to you maintain your lift gates properly to maximize their useful years and to ensure their safe operation. By implementing preventive maintenance, you’re giving the lift gate technician, the opportunity to:

Confirm that its major components are lubricated

Check fluid levels to for proper fluid levels

Address minor issues before they escalate into major problems

Periodic lift gate maintenance is essential to maximize their usefulness and reliability. Make it happen with the help of these practical maintenance steps:

Adopt the manufacturer’s guidelines and recommendations regarding the maintenance and inspection requirements of the lift gate.

Perform preventive maintenance intervals based on lift gate cycles or manufacturer-prescribed time intervals – even if all of the lift gate components are working normally. Under heavy or above normal lift gate utilization, shorten PM intervals accordingly. Your lift gate can become inoperable when some of its major parts fail due to improper maintenance.

Keep a maintenance checklist for each unit and establish a consistent recording method. This enables you to identify recurring issues especially with specific lift gate brands. This can help inform your decision when the time comes for future lift gate purchasing decisions

Educate users about proper lift gate operation. Improper use can cause damage to the lift gate or even injury to the operator.

Make it a standard operating procedure for all lift gate operators to perform a daily visual and operational inspection of lift gates assigned to them. This helps to make them aware of and address minor issues before they become significant.
Encourage operators to report any lift gate unit that’s not working properly so that you can perform truck lift gate repairs as soon as they are needed.

As an operator of trucks and trailers, you understand how important a lift gate is to your business. It can often spell the difference between success and failure in cargo handling operations. Don’t leave the success of your business in the hands of amateurs; trust only an expert in lift gate repairs to work on your vehicle.

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