MAXON Announces Updates to the GPTLR Tuk-A-Way® Series That Impact the Install Method

MAXON Announces Updates to the GPTLR Tuk-A-Way® Series That Impact the Install Method

Maxon Distributors:

A host of updates have been implemented on our popular Tuk-A-Way® GPTLR liftgate models. Some of these updates affect certain install steps. Please carefully review the new install manual  (click here to download). You will need to pay close attention to these particular pages:

1. Pages 18 – 24 concerning STEP 1 and STEP 2: GPTLR main assembly and extension plate are now installed separately (extension plate first) identical to all other Maxon Tuk-A-Way® liftgates. The new installation brackets set up a 5/8” gap between the extension plate and heel of the platform (Smart Space™). Note that in the previous version, extension plate and main assembly were installed as one assembly and there was no gap between platform heel and extension plate.

2. Page 9: Minimum bed height changed to 44”. The mounting plate brackets on the main frame were moved below the main frame. Ground clearance is reduced by 2-3/4” at the lowest bed height.

3. Page 11: The towers at the end of the GPTLR extension plate are 1” taller than on the previous GPTLR.

4. Pages 12 & 13: The depth of the cut-out on truck frame is 1”-2” less than for the previous GPTLR.

5. Page 23: GPTLR can now be installed with hoist and floor jack instead of forklift.

6. Page 24: Mounting plates changed shape and don’t have slots for stop blocks. Stop blocks not needed.

7. Page 36: Ground cable changed from 2 cables to 1, routed directly from frame ground to ground point on the pump assembly. Drip loop formed where cable enters pump mounting plate.

8. Pages 60 and 61: Platform opener bracket changed and the adjustment hole for maximum bed height has wider range.

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