This is a 3-post, metal canister, curved base, 100 AMP start solenoid. Heavy coil and spring. Generally mounts on the side of the motor. Positive to excite for power up/gravity down liftgate models. Grounded. Replaces Maxon 207041, 339198, Waltco 70091714, 70092507, 75089822, Progressive 732105 and Thieman 4421620 model liftgates. OEM 229198, 260270 

Start solenoids transfer the energy to start the electric motor for powering the liftgate. The 3-post start solenoids are generally used for power up/gravity down lift gates. This solenoid has a curved base that can be mounted on the side of a 12 volt motor.

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Leyman LH120
Maxon 207041, 339198, 229198
Monarch 3427
Progressive 732105
Venco S9-7000-02, S9-7000-09, S9-7000-38
Waltco 70091714, 70092507, 75089822
OEM 229198, 260270
Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Manufacturer Leyman, Tommy Gate, Waltco
Quantity 1