Box Trucks vs Box Trucks with Liftgates

Box Trucks vs Box Trucks with Liftgates

Packages Need a Lift? Deciding on Whether Your Box Truck Needs a Liftgate

So, you’ve got a delivery that needs to be made, and while you assess your inventory, you might find that some of your items are rather large, unwieldy, and pretty heavy. At this point, you probably already know that you need at least a box truck to properly deliver your large items, along with the rest of the delivery. After all, there’s box trucks of all kinds and sizes to accommodate almost any type of large delivery. However, your real question then becomes: Do you need a liftgate to help with all that?

What is a Liftgate?

A liftgate is a hydraulic lift platform that you can have installed at the back of your truck, box truck, or trailers. They can be useful, especially when loading and unloading large and heavy loads that would otherwise be unwieldy, even with the help of multiple persons. There are actually several kinds of liftgates out there for people to choose, and most often, courier services will use vehicles that have liftgates because of the convenience and increased safety that these lift platforms provide. You can find liftgates not just on courier vehicles but even on DIY moving vehicles depending on the provider, and you can even have one installed on your very own truck depending on the liftgate size and the model of your vehicle. But for most people, having a courier service that uses their own box trucks with liftgates can provide a highly convenient option to safely move their large pieces of furniture, appliances, and heavy loads from one point to another.

Why Use a Liftgate?

Maybe your warehouse or business has a forklift to load palletized materials and large objects into a courier’s box truck. But there’s always the matter of if the destination has the same means to unload your items. What if they don’t have a forklift? When you need large, heavy items to be delivered, having a liftgate can both eliminate the guesswork while providing a safer means for both business and the courier to transport your delivery items to and from the box truck. Even a fall of a couple feet while handling a large object can result in injury, ranging anywhere from a bruise to a broken bone. With the help of a liftgate, you can eliminate almost all chance of that during the loading-unloading process.
There are a variety of liftgates out there to fit your needs. If you need a ramp-like surface, a cantilever lift can provide that for a quick loading and rollout of heavy packages. For some smaller box trucks, like those the size of an ambulance, a tail lift can unfold from the back of the load bed and provide the same conveniences of a ramp surface for easy ingress and egress. What about when you need to adapt to various conditions at different loading docks? A tuckunder lift or a slider lift can store itself beneath the vehicle’s loading bed when it’s not needed, removing any obstruction.

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